So, your firm has survived - what now?

So, your firm has survived - what now?

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

And so, the great 'normalisation' is upon us. The shops have reopened, we've all had or booked a haircut, we might even have enjoyed that suspiciously small glass of wine in a pub garden. But what now for the law firm you are running?

Some practice areas are doing well - property litigation is buzzing, corporate /commercial deals are springing back to life (there is a huge queue of IPOs waiting to launch) and for now...but surely not for much longer ...conveyancing is still going like a fair. Other departments have not had it so good.

Cash has been accumulated from easy loans and reduced office overheads - but will burn fast. Areas where capacity have been reduced will need to restock with talent to meet incipient demand. But how easy will that talent be to lure, retain, motivate?

One thing is clear - there is no going back to 'the way it was'. Remote working, shifting paperwork-crunching online, meeting over laptops rather than Earl Grey, flexible hours, focussing on outputs rather than 'command and control' time management are all here to stay in one way or another.

But where does the future lie for your firm? What are the choices it can make with confidence? And which courses of action will require deep seated change in management style, business model and even ownership?

Now is the time to get an experienced sounding board to work through these issues with you and help you create a plan for your firm to succeed in the new normal.

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