Our People

Roderick Cameron

Business Consultant


Roderick Cameron LLB (Hons), Dip LP, MBA, Solicitor (non-practising)

The rate of change in the legal market is unprecedented. External forces are radically changing the business model which drives the profitability and even survival of law firms

My career has been spent working with and for professional service businesses. I bring a unique blend of skills to support law firm leaders in making good strategic choices. First of all, I am legally trained and understand the culture and practice of law. I spent a decade as a corporate lawyer. My time in financial communications allowed me to understand how to drive building a profitable consulting practice and how to deliver critical advice to clients in their most difficult and exposed moments. As a business growth adviser, trained to drive intangible asset growth into firms, I learned the mathematics of business - from team sizes, efficiency ratios to the number of touchpoints required to create client loyalty.

I now put that experience and knowledge to work supporting the leadership of law firms to deliver an environment where lawyers can do their best work, where staff are enthused and motivated to ensure that clients are treated well, and in which the right level of resources are applied to derive maximum, sustainable, profitability.

And, where needed, I have the transactional history to support law firm partners through mergers, transformative funding events and the reshaping of their businesses for a brighter future.