Our People

Guy Barnett

Business Consultant


I am a Solicitor and have spent over 25 years working in private practice, ultimately acting as Managing Partner for a major Midlands Firm, as well as driving a national legal marketing brand. I therefore have a unique insight into the management and cultural issues facing firms and their various practice areas as well as the factors needed to drive their profitable growth. On a personal level I am aware of the pressures and concerns that face many Senior Partners particularly around the area of succession planning.

In the last 10 years I have focused my career in putting my experience and knowledge to work by assisting a diverse range of organisations with the financial turnaround of their businesses. I specialise in working in the following areas: -

Strategic Planning & Leadership: I assist firms focus on developing strategies that invest in sustainable business success through the current and future management teams.
Key Stakeholder Relationship Management: I am a firm believer in participative style of engagement to encourage ideas & good decision making at all levels. I help firms identify development needs & addresses through these through planned training supported with mentoring & coaching.
Business Development & Revenue Growth: I guide firms in conducting a structured approach to determining the best methods for gaining competitive advantage and stronger performance. I specialise in finding unique solutions to static problems and creating radical income streams.
Operational Management & Control: I practically assist firms organises business resources & processes so that all are working towards common goals. Uses management information to highlight priority areas & ensure planned expenditure delivers anticipated benefits
Merger: It is a fact that many other professions, such as Accountancy and Dentistry have found merger to be an effective solution to their innovation and succession issues. The Legal profession is no different provided the right cultural match can be found with the variety of merger partners in the sector.

In broad terms my experiences have fallen into four categories centred around management & operational restructure, business development, succession planning and merger. I believe that all firms have options when faced with difficult problems and my role is to advice and facilitate management teams in making the decisions that create a better long-term sustainable solution for them.